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The 2021 Galaxy Community Conference (GCC2021) is virtual and global, accessible in any time zone, on every continent, and in every country.  GCC2021 events are held twice, once in the original Ghent time zone (GCC EMEA+APAC), and again 9 hours later (GCC Americas).

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Tuesday, July 6

15:19 CEST

18:00 CEST

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18:57 CEST

19:03 CEST

19:09 CEST

19:34 CEST

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21:00 CEST

F1000Research Poster / Demo / Sponsor HallDemitra Ellina Tu-2.10: Laniakea@ReCaS: first year of activity of a Laniakea-based Galaxy “on-demand” service Poster / Demo / Sponsor Hallpietro mandreoli Tu-2.2: Automating Galaxy tool requirement updates with Planemo Poster / Demo / Sponsor HallSimon Bray Tu-2.3: ComPIL 2.0 and MetaNovo Tools for Metaproteomics Searches Within Galaxy: Searching for Needles in a Haystack Poster / Demo / Sponsor HallReid Wagner Tu-2.4: Diversity of pleurocidin-like antimicrobial peptides in a marine bony fish (Sparus aurata) by re-identification in ESTs Poster / Demo / Sponsor HallJhon Alberto Serna Duque Tu-2.5: Galaxy as a global platform for the analysis of SARS-CoV-2 sequence variants Poster / Demo / Sponsor HallWolfgang Maier Tu-2.6: Easy access to NCBI data within Galaxy Poster / Demo / Sponsor HallAdam Stine • Nuala O'Leary Tu-2.7: Galaxy-E project: 2021 News Poster / Demo / Sponsor HallYvan Le Bras Tu-2.8: Janis for workflow translation – a potential benefit to the Galaxy ecosystem Poster / Demo / Sponsor HallRichard Lupat Tu-2.9: Enabling widespread use of Vertebrate Genome Project assembly pipeline by integration into Galaxy Poster / Demo / Sponsor HallDelphine Lariviere • Alex Ostrovsky Tu-3.2: Genome-wide predictions and structural modeling of protein-protein interactions using Galaxy Poster / Demo / Sponsor HallAysam Guerler Tu-3.3: Practical aspects of implementing the IRIDA system as a solution for One Health bioinformatics analyses Poster / Demo / Sponsor HallJeevan Karloss Antony Samy Tu-3.4: Recent updates to Nebulizer: a command line utility for Galaxy admins Poster / Demo / Sponsor HallPeter Briggs Tu-3.5: Streamlining accessibility and computability of large-scale genomic datasets with the NHGRI genome data science Analysis, Visualization, and Informatics Lab-Space (ANVIL) Poster / Demo / Sponsor HallStephen Mosher Tu-3.6: Use of Galaxy tools for microbiome analysis of breast cancer RNA-seq transcriptomic data Poster / Demo / Sponsor HallDominik Hadzega

22:39 CEST

22:40 CEST

22:46 CEST

23:04 CEST

23:22 CEST

23:40 CEST

23:46 CEST

23:52 CEST

Wednesday, July 7

15:19 CEST

18:00 CEST

18:01 CEST

18:10 CEST

18:16 CEST

18:22 CEST

18:40 CEST

18:46 CEST

18:52 CEST

18:58 CEST

19:04 CEST

19:10 CEST

19:39 CEST

19:40 CEST

19:46 CEST

20:04 CEST

20:10 CEST

20:16 CEST

20:22 CEST

20:28 CEST

20:59 CEST

21:00 CEST

F1000Research Poster / Demo / Sponsor HallDemitra Ellina W-3.10: Detection and functional annotation of lncRNA Poster / Demo / Sponsor HallBianca Pasat W-3.11: GalaxyLab: A JupyterLab extension for interactive graphical and programmatic access to Galaxy Poster / Demo / Sponsor Halljayadev joshi W-3.7: A flexible Galaxy-based platform for the analysis of microbial WGS data in public health Poster / Demo / Sponsor HallBert Bogaerts W-3.8: EDAM ontology, tools, and community Poster / Demo / Sponsor HallHager Eldakroury • Melissa W-3.9: Automated Deployment of Genome Databases for Marine Brown Algae Using Galaxy Genome Annotation (GGA) Poster / Demo / Sponsor HallLoraine Guéguen • Arthur Le Bars W-4.10: Using custom Galaxy workflows to reproducibly search for bacteriophage spanin proteins reveals distinct population distributions Poster / Demo / Sponsor HallJolene Ramsey W-4.11: The “ARIES Genomics” Italian public health surveillance system Poster / Demo / Sponsor HallArnold Knijn W-4.2: Driving workforce transition in Australian life science research Poster / Demo / Sponsor HallAnna Syme W-4.3: Galaxy and Research Lifecycle Management technologies for Earth Science Communities and Copernicus users in EOSC Poster / Demo / Sponsor HallAnne Fouilloux W-4.4: Publication of BioCompute Objects (IEEE-2791-2020) created from Galaxy workflow invocations Poster / Demo / Sponsor HallCharles [Hadley] King W-4.5: Gallantries: Scalable, Modular Bioinformatics Curricula Poster / Demo / Sponsor HallHelena Rasche W-4.7: The next-generation Galaxy community site Poster / Demo / Sponsor HallNick Stoler W-4.8: GPU enabled Jupyterlab notebook for deep learning using Tensorflow in Galaxy Poster / Demo / Sponsor HallAnup Kumar W-4.9: Taxonomic Classification Analysis of Human Gut Microbiota Using Kraken 2 Poster / Demo / Sponsor HallNihan Sultan Milat

22:39 CEST

22:40 CEST

23:05 CEST

23:11 CEST

23:17 CEST

23:23 CEST

23:29 CEST

23:35 CEST

23:41 CEST

23:47 CEST

Thursday, July 8

15:19 CEST

18:00 CEST

18:01 CEST

18:10 CEST

18:28 CEST

18:34 CEST

18:40 CEST

18:58 CEST

19:16 CEST

19:44 CEST

19:45 CEST

20:03 CEST

20:21 CEST

20:27 CEST

20:33 CEST

20:39 CEST

20:45 CEST

21:14 CEST

21:15 CEST

F1000Research Poster / Demo / Sponsor HallDemitra Ellina Th-5.2: Addressing the demand for secure and scalable on-demand Galaxy platforms Poster / Demo / Sponsor HallThe Other Enis Afgan Th-5.3: An automatic tool installer with integrated testing for a public Galaxy Poster / Demo / Sponsor HallCatherine Bromhead Th-5.4: ARIAWeb: a new web service for automated NMR structure calculation with ARIA Poster / Demo / Sponsor HallFabien Mareuil Th-5.5: Augmenting Galaxy with GPU Support for Speeding Up Scientific Applications Poster / Demo / Sponsor HallGulsum Gudukbay Th-5.6: Building a Disaster Recovery option for Galaxy Australia Poster / Demo / Sponsor HallNicholas Rhodes Th-5.7: Comparative genomic analysis of the pink pigmented facultative methylotrophs (PPFMs) Poster / Demo / Sponsor HallOla Alessa Th-5.8: CloudForest: Dockerized Galaxy as a Platform for an Integrated Phylogenomics Software Workflow Poster / Demo / Sponsor HallReid Wagner Th-6.2: Efficient Tool Development within Enterprise Poster / Demo / Sponsor HallPeter Selten Th-6.3: Galaxy Genome Annotation (GGA) environment in the cloud Poster / Demo / Sponsor HallRomain Dallet Th-6.4: From the landscape to the plant: Integrating, visualizing and analyzing plant environment, phenotype and genotype using CartograPlant, WildType and Tripal Galaxy Poster / Demo / Sponsor HallIrene Cobo-Simon Th-6.5: Galaxy GFF3 tool suite for manipulation, conversion and deposition of genome data Poster / Demo / Sponsor HallAnthony Criscione Th-6.6: MaxQuant and MSstats in Galaxy enable reproducible quantitative high-throughput proteomics for everyone Poster / Demo / Sponsor HallNiko Pinter Th-6.7: New User Welcome: A customizable, beginner-friendly introduction into Galaxy Poster / Demo / Sponsor HallAlex Ostrovsky Th-6.8: Peptide mass spectrometry imaging of pancreatic cancers – A data analysis workflow in Galaxy Poster / Demo / Sponsor HallMaren Stillger

22:54 CEST

22:55 CEST

23:13 CEST

23:19 CEST

23:25 CEST

23:31 CEST

23:40 CEST

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